Beard oil / brush combo

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Beard set

Check out this awesome combo kit perfect for those with beards or those thinking of growing one. In this combo you will receive a 1 oz bottle beard oil (pick from one of our many fragrance options).

You will also receive one of our uniquely styled boar's hairbrush perfect for exfoliating the face to help gain proper blood flow which can then help promote healthy hair growth. Our oils are perfect for moisturizing and hydrating your beard hair and skin.

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Our beard oils are made with: Coconut, Sweet AlmondArgon oil, jojoba oil, Aloe, and vitamin E all food for the skin and hair.

MaddHogany: Full of aroma from Mahogany popping with light sweet Maddness. (Sweet and woodsy). 

Maddness: Natural fresh spring water. Waterfalls crashing into the rocks below on a crisp morning. (Fresh and Clean).

MaddFierce: A deep SWEET masculine Cologne and hints of fresh rain under the moonlight. (Sweet and Clean cologne like).

Maddparlor:  Hints of leather, patchouli, cedar and talc powder (Old school barber shop). 

Tea Tree: Burst of Pine trees in the forest. (Piney).

Madd Berry: Takes you back to when we were kids eating fundip. Hints of cherry with vanilla. Very sweet and sure to be a lady's FAVORITE...  (Sweet like candy).

HARD CIDER 2020: hints of Apple, Cinnamon and Rum. (Hot Apple cider).


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