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Hi, my name is Chris Madden I am the proud owner of Goattastic Skin. The idea of started with the dream of my mother in-law Linda who had her ideas to own a goat farm.

The land was empty, and she wanted to get a few animals to occupy the land. She purchased some goats, as well as some other animals to go along with them.  What do you know, next spring we had our first litter baby goats (Kids), and an idea was born.

She started accumulating milk in order to begin making different recipes, whether it was food or cosmetics. Some of the recipes made it, and some failed... That didn't dampen our spirits. Everybody in the family was helping keeping the farm operating by milking, feeding, cleaning the animals, and farming the grounds.
Eventually, Mom decided she wanted to start doing fairs with some of the soap and lotion recipes she had created. (That's right, soaps and lotions were our first all-natural product). Mom started off doing fairs with her daughter (my wife Holly). Occasionally her sisters would join in on the fun too. They were all having so much fun traveling and going to see and experience such wonderful things while out participating in these fairs. These wonderful products were not just confined to the areas around our little farm in Texas. She kept travelling to these fairs, both near and far, and they were doing great. Everyone was loving how smooth and clean their skin were feeling from her handmade products. People were also starting to learn that goat's milk has so many benefits like, lipids, proteins, antitoxins, vitamins, and so much more. All food for the skin and hair. We were so excited to get the beneficial facts of goat's milk out there for the hair and skin.

Few years later I got involved by making my own products which included some beard oils and some other men's products. Linda and I shared this passion for all-natural products, so when we started working more closely together, I started learning all of the facts about each product and how each one was made. Including how wonderful goat milk was for the skin. But goat milk this is not just a product that is meant for women. I wanted to share these great products with men as well as helping men be comfortable shopping and using these awesome products. As men we need to pamper our skin and hair as well.  

After she taught me her recipes and I learned the correct processes of how to make them, we needed a logo and branding to put a great name to our even better products. What I did for the next couple months was sat down and designed a whole suite of different branding ideas and logos which would match up with all of our unique products that we created. 

A few years went by and after doing so well with the fairs, I decided to get with the times to venture with an online business. So, we sold our products online for a few years and then the unfortunate happened.... Our mom got sick, and she passed away. It was hard on all of us but it didn't stop us. Seeing the difference in others' lives our mother made we just couldn't let her legacy die. 
We decided we wanted the legacy she started to continue on so her hard work and dedication for soft skin can live on for generations to come.  We moved forward with the ideas that we were working together on to make sure her wonderful ideas made an impact on the world.

After our online store took off, we decided to open up our first brick-and-mortar called Goattastic Skin ©.  We are excited to be able to spread the facts and information Nation Wide and Locally, how wonderful goat milk is for the skin. Each product is handmade with all-natural ingredients. These products are not just for her, but for him too. Goat crazy together.

Today we are definitely blessed to be able to take a learned experience from our mother and pass it down from generation to generation. This process of soap making has been around since the ancient times. It is still used today. Even though we are only the second generation to fall in love with this artisan craft, the third generation is starting to learn to love it right now. We are super excited to be able to pass that down to you!

Thank you for taking the time to hear our story. Have a GOATTATSIC DAY!

 'Handmade and Farm Raised'

We here at GOATTATSIC SKIN always use farm-fresh, hand-made materials in all of our products. We pride ourselves in making sure each of our products has the most natural ingredients we can find. 

From our farm to your front door, we are always going to put our customers first!

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