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3in1 Facial Cleanser

Our 3in1 Full Facial wash is just what you need to give your face the deep, deep clean you deserve. Works as:  facial wash, facial mask, shaving butter, and beard wash

Made with real Goat's milk. Goat milk adds moisturizing power, packed with vitamins, minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and more. All FOOD for the skin. Made With CLAY binding abilities that helps bond to unwanted Dirt's and Oils for that deep clean. 3in1 Facial scrub can be used as a quick facial scrub, dry mask, shaving butter and Beard wash. Yep, even for the bearded ones. No peel soap. Washes out with water. That's right guys it's for you too. Making this one of the best his and hers facial care product on the market.

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